"I really adore the challenges offered by redacto. I use redacto several times a week. Not once have I been left disappointed in my aim of learning something new."

- Judith


"My students love using redacto. They find completing the transcript of an authentic listening exercise very rewarding.

- David (teacher)


A completely new way to learn English online


Choose your audio from an ever increasing library of content.


Play the audio as many times as you need.


Use your keyboard or microphone to complete the audio transcript.



New exercises every week. Follow up exercises for consolidation.

Complete an exercise and unlock new content.

(Google Chrome only) Use the microphone to say the word and check your pronunciation.

Variable speed playback.

See how long it took to complete the transcript and beat your personal best.

Add new words to your built in wordlist, along with definitions and translations.



£2 per month

  1. Receive new content every week
  2. Use all current and future features

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